• The Experts on Window Tinting in Edwardsville IL

    Cosmos Car Care has been providing the community of Edwardsville, IL and the surrounding area with the finest auto window tinting service for the past 20 years. Our tinting provides both; aesthetics and functionality, combining sleek and stylish looks all the while providing protection from UV rays and the heat. Our auto tinting services provides you with the peace of mind that you deserve. Whether you are looking to keep your interior cooler during the summer heat or for more security reasons such as to prevent onlookers from being able to see in your car.

    If you are looking to add protection from UV rays, the heat, more privacy for your driving experience and an incredibly stylish design contact us today to get started on your quality window tinting services.

  • Modern Car Window Tinting Technology in Edwardsville IL

    At Cosmos Car Care our window tint options range from a bold and beautiful black to a true gray, all provide almost 100% UV protection and block over 65% of heat from the sun. Our tinting provides use of your cellphone, GPS, radio and tire pressure monitors without the disruptions of glares and intense sunlight.

    Fresh Tinted Windows Cleaning and Maintenance

    DO NOT for 2 to 3 days roll your windows down.

    DO NOT wash your vehicle for 14 days. The tinting adhesive needs to cure.


    The amount of time needed for the tint to cure varies from job to job. There are many factors that affect how long it will take to cure. These factors include the amount of solution used to apply the tint, humidity outside, temperature outside, the film type used, and the thickness of the film. With all these factors it could take a full month before the entire tint has bonded to the glass, with the adhesives used.
    While the solution used to bond the tint to glass takes it time to dry, your windows may become hazy or have water pockets on them. Once both the haziness is resolved and the water pockets evaporate, the tint is considered cured and can be washed.

  • How to clean the film

    A person can use most household and automotive glass cleaner to clean the tint. Some cleaners are meant to be used on tinted windows. One homemade cleaning solution is water and baby shampoo. Remember do not wash the tinted window in direct sunlight.

  • Remember

    The tint installed to the windows is scratch resistant, not scratch proof. Always us a microfiber or lint free cloths. These will help prevent the scratching of your new film.